What steps do I need to take to become a member of Be an Angel?

I am a therapy dog

The following paragraphs explain the process of becoming a registered therapy dog team with Be an Angel Therapy Dogs Ministry, Inc. After you have read the following, please look through our website, there are a lot of visuals to show you exactly what we do..

All of our members with Be an Angel Therapy Dogs Ministry, Inc. are tested/registered/insured with Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD).  We comply with all their rules, regulations etc. Each dog/handler team is insured for $5,000,000. The fee for a new member with ATD is $30.00 one dog one handler plus $10.00 processing fee, renewable annually.

The first step towards your membership with Be an Angel, is to receive an Alliance of Therapy Dogs application package (see the LINKS tab for the ATD link) . This will need to be printed and read through so you will understand the rules, regulations, etc. for each team when you become an approved registered team. There are three documents you will need before we have our first meeting:  proof of negative fecal exam (last 12 mos),  proof of your dog’s vaccinations (last 12 mos) and a copy of the current rabies certificate.

The second step is having the tester/observer for ATD perform the handling test. If passed, you will then have a minimum of three (3) observations; two (2) must be at a medical facility and the third (3rd) can be at a non-medical facility. After you have passed the handling test and observations, the tester/observer will sign off on all the documents required by ATD.  You then will send the documents into ATD for the final decision on registration. After final approval, Alliance of Therapy Dogs will mail you a red heart shaped tag for the dog to wear when representing ATD, your membership ID card, the dog’s certificate of registration, and your membership handbook.

The third step to becoming a member of Be an Angel Therapy Dogs Ministry, Inc. is to fill out the Be an Angel Membership Application have the dog measured for their custom made vest and order your Be an Angel Shirt. Be an Angel does require a fee of $55.00 to cover the expense for shirt, vest and photo ID badge. The application for Be an Angel can be done while you are waiting for your Alliance of Therapy Dogs membership package, so you are ready to begin your visits immediately. Be an Angel does require annual dues of $25.00 when and if you join Be an Angel Therapy Dogs Ministry, Inc. your dues will be due at the same time your renewal with Alliance of Therapy Dogs which could be in January or July.

Please bring all of your paperwork  with you on your first meeting with the tester/observer from ATD.

Remember, you can become a registered dog/handler team with ATD without joining a local group, such as Be an Angel Therapy Dogs Ministry.

June and Ross Feezel